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Scheduling US depositions outside of the US and require a legal video service?

Legal Video International is an essential legal videography resource for any US-based law firm scheduling US depositions in the Middle East, India, Africa and the Greater Central Asia Region.

Legal Video International was formed with a simple vision: enable deposing counsel to unlock significant cost savings on international US depositions, without compromising quality.

We do not seek to replace your trusted US-based litigation support services specialist. Instead, we create a bridge between your US-based provider and your international legal deposition video requirements.

Legal Video International is the only specialist US deposition legal video service provider, with resources based in the Middle East and India, capable of consistently delivering US-standard legal video services for US depositions held in our service region.

Our unique combination of US deposition videography skills, experience and local presence are something which cannot be easily replicated and are the key to delivering on our commitment.

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