Legal Video International was formed with a simple vision: enable deposing counsel to unlock significant cost savings on international US depositions, without compromising quality.

How can we deliver on this commitment?

Legal Video International’s major point of difference is our unique combination of US deposition videography skills, experience and local presence – something which cannot be easily replicated. This mix generates considerable savings to the legal video process when conducting US depositions in our service region, without compromising quality.

An International Partner Working Alongside Your US-based Provider

Legal Video International does not seek to replace your trusted US-based litigation support services specialist. Instead, we create a bridge between your US-based provider and your international legal deposition videographer requirements.

Whilst Legal Video International can provide a full suite of editing and syncing services, this is not our primary purpose. Rather, Legal Video International exists to provide your chosen US-based litigation support services specialist with a high-quality video of your deposition which will form the foundation for their trial presentation service.

By leveraging our international presence and experience, you can continue to work with your trusted US-based provider, with no compromise on quality, whilst unlocking significant savings and the associated benefits our unique position brings.